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  • Carneiros Beach

    Located 90km from Recife - PE, a true private paradise considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world according to TripAdvisor

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    In 3km of beach you will find the accommodations, parties, restaurants and everything you need to spend the best week of your life. After all, nothing better than walking all day barefoot, being able to do everything on foot and having the freedom to go back to the bedroom any time you want.


    Carneiros Beach has the best places to stay and a great infrastructure to make your New Year's unforgettable.


    Take a time to explore the diversified local gastronomy, here are some options we’d like to suggest.

    Mouton Beach Club

    To make the most of the day, we will have a beach club operating from 11am to 8pm every day with DJ and kitchen/bar services